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What is website? contain information about every state, city, and all locations in india. If you Want to share any location information or want to change in existing, please feel free to contact us. We always here to serve you better.

It is one of the most popular website to provide information about any locality, area, city that helps visitors to know more about there places.

What is etymology of any location, city?

Etymology is the study of the origin of words, the chronology of their incorporation into a language, as well as the source and details of their structural changes. By studying etymology, it is possible to increase understanding of the precise meaning of words, to expand our vocabulary and to improve spelling. It is important to take into account that languages live an inevitable evolution, which leads to the words change and adapt to each historical moment in which they are used; it should be noted that these changes are not always positive or constructive. The meaning of a word a century ago may be very different from the one it has today, and the same can happen in the future, until the term, for certain reasons, ceases to be considered current or necessary for communication.